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Welcome to Cybercity, a vast metropolis spread across four desert islands. Each densely packed island has its own vibe, giving them a culture all their own. From the soaring skyline to the sprawling parks, from the incredible creatures that call it home to the vibrant plant life, there is something in the city for everyone.

The landmarks in the city all stem as Easter eggs from previous environments I have created and produced over the last two years, giving Cybercity such a unique diverse vibe.

Lucas Burdick:
All 3d models were created and stylized to a Semi-realistic art style. This includes models from previous environments.
All textures/shaders were created or recreated in a semi realistic art style.
All animations, animated and imported from Maya or animated in unreal engine:
• Creating looping animations for each creature in Maya. Position animations in unreal.
• Animating each car, monorail, and hover train to create movement.
• Animating the Aurora mesh in Maya.
All Particles were stylized as realistic for each asset.
All cinematic and camera work done in unreal: Level sequencer.

• Maya - Modular 3d modeling, UV wrapping, animations, and rigging.
• Substance Painter – Realistic texturing and shaders
• Unreal Engine- Level layout and design, particle effects, animations, and cinematics
• Powerdirector17 – Video editing

Cybercity was created by Lucas Burdick with music with permission from Matt Marshall (MattyyyM).
Link to his channel:
Song 1: MattyyyM's guitar cover of "Polaris" from My Hero Academia Season 4! :
Song 2: MattyyyM's ROCK guitar cover of "Peace Sign" from My Hero Academia! :
Song 3: MattyyyM's guitar cover of "No. 1" from My Hero Academia Season5! :
Song 4: MattyyyM's guitar cover of "Hero Too" from My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 23! :
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A tour of the city